The Secrets of Great Teamwork

Dec 7, 2022

Therefore, a number of designated health professional bodies worldwide have come out with recent statements to define teams and their roles and the characteristics of a successful team [1–4]. They elaborated on essential values and principles of a team based health care, to share a common ground on this very hot topic. The potential challenges, and practical tips on how to successfully approach the task, have also been explored and included alongside proposed implementation strategies. Team management is the ability of an individual or an organization to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task. Team management involves teamwork, communication, objective setting and performance appraisals.

Project leadership brings together people to achieve a common goal, the team is able to accomplish more than they could as individuals. Each member of a team must take some responsibility for the development of trust, although team leaders and managers have the greatest responsibility and the greatest influence. Trust is likely to develop when people listen to and respect each other’s views, irrespective of whether or not they agree with them. Then they are able to share their ideas and views without fear of recrimination.

This will drive people to work great independently but with a fostered culture, this will later translate to effective team collaboration.”” Team evaluation, both internal and external, can be used as evidence that a good job is being done. Traditional appraisal systems focus on individual performances, so in some appraisal processes, there is a danger that insufficient importance is given to contributions to teamwork. Nonetheless, team leaders and managers can take time at the end of a task or project to celebrate the success of the team.

Contrary to general belief, conflict is a positive element in a team as it drives discussion. The fear of conflict is the fear of team members to argue with one another or disagree with the team leader. If team members hold back and are afraid of confronting their leader or teammates, then the concept of a team is nonexistent because there is only one person who contributes and no new ideas are generated from discussions. These include activities that ensure that the task is produced effectively, such as planning, and agreeing on procedures and controls. They also include activities that minimize threats to the process, such as monitoring and reviewing internal processes and dealing constructively with conflict. These are good reason to fire an employee

Homogeneous groups, whose members share similar values and beliefs, may be more satisfying to work in and may experience less conflict, but they tend to be less creative and produce greater pressures for conformity. In contrast, heterogeneous groups, whose members have a wider range of values and beliefs, are likely to experience greater conflict, but they have the potential for greater creativity and innovation. A number of people kicking a football about in the car park at lunch time is probably a group. There is little structure to what is happening; it is just a few people acting in whatever role they choose because they want to get some exercise and/or they like spending time with their friends before going back to work. Appreciation of team members’ efforts and achievements has a significant impact on employee morale, while a lack of recognition can lead to burnout.

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